Hosting the perfect brunch party

Hosting the perfect brunch party

Next time you are planning on putting on a party, perhaps you should consider a brunch event.

Increasing in popularity amongst our clients, mixing it up and turning the schedule from evening to late-morning can make for a more relaxed affair where timings work for everyone in the family.

The choice of menus can be more flexible too, with sweet and savoury food working in sync pleasing everyone’s taste buds. It works the same with drinks at a brunch party: with champagne, orange juice and coffee being sipped on by guests in harmony.

From christenings and birthday parties, to wedding anniversaries and house warming parties, here at the Great Big Event, we’re looking forward to helping you arrange the party.

Read on for more reasons why we think a brunch party is a great option for your next celebration. Get in touch by calling 01483 230466 or emailing

Endless Selection of Food & Drinks

We can provide all the catering for the event. From buffet tables including homemade bircher muesli and fresh berries with thick Greek yoghurt to smoked salmon platters with lemon juice and a selection of breads, meats and cheeses, the choices are endless and there’s something delicious for everyone.

The drinks menu can be similarly flexible, serving up bloody mary’s, champagne and mimosas for those wanting something celebratory, alongside juices, elderflower water, coffees and teas.

Just after the brunch food? We’re also happy to arrange a brunch delivery to you on the day of the party.

Enjoying Daylight

There are lots of positives to having your party at brunch time. Not only does it make it easier for guests of all ages to attend, it also makes the most of the sunlight, and is the perfect time to enjoy your garden if planning on a spring or summer’s day.

Less Formal

A brunch party is a much more casual affair than evening dos or formal lunchtime meals. With guests feeling more relaxed in more comfortable clothing and everyone, including the host, feeling less pressure, the conversation is guaranteed to flow.

Easier to Lock Down a Date

With Saturdays and Sundays both suitable for most, a brunch party opens up more dates that will work for your guests. Given the more informal nature of the event, guests will be able to choose how long they stay too, so they can move onto other plans if they already have things in the diary, without it being rude. 

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