Why A Marquee Is Always The Best Party Venue?

Why to use a Marquee for your next party!

Don’t get us wrong, there are some absolutely beautiful venues around, where you can host an array of different events which will be perfect for many occasions, but marquee celebrations have a solid place in our heart!

Extremely versatile in the design, venue and set up, using a marquee to celebrate an occasion gives you the perfect blank canvas to make a celebration totally “you”. 

From deciding the marquee size and what décor you want to wow everyone attending, to your guest numbers and shapes and orientations of the tables, the event will be tailored to all your requirements. 

Moreover, in these more uncertain times, a marquee space offers up a great deal of flexibility – they can be adapted to make space for more socially distanced guests, such as expanding further into the surrounding land, using different table sizes and adding new outdoor seating. The food service is also flexible and can be altered to ensure all regulations are being followed. The health and safety of our guests and staff is of utmost priority. 

Please read on where we detail everything we love about using a marquee as a venue:

Choice of marquees

From structured options, such as the framed marquee, to rustic tipi tents and modern trapeze marquees, there is a large number of different marquee styles and shapes to choose from. Here at The Great Big Event, we have years of experience in marquees and we will be able to offer great advice on which one(s) to pick for your celebration. We’ll match up how many guests you’re planning, your style of occasion, and what the format of the day will be – plus consider external factors like where it is going to be placed, and what time of year.

A blank canvas

A blank canvas where the sky really is the limit, the interior décor and layout of a marquee can be personalised to exactly your requirements. With so many themes to choose from including traditional, vintage, 70s, school, and everything in between, whether you have an idea in mind, or you are hoping for inspiration, get in touch with The Great Big Event. Our creations are born from a Designers with backgrounds in stage, screen and set design, so are extremely skilled at creating unique and individual celebration spaces.

Adaptable and flexible in these more uncertain times

In these more uncertain times, with government restrictions adapting at pace, and with a great emphasis on the health and safety of all our guests and staff at The Great Big Event Company, it is more important than ever to have the ability to be flexible. With a marquee hire, you can easily adapt to give more social distance for example by adding some seating arrangements outside, changing the setup of the tables for less guests and amongst many other things, using Chinese Hat tents with all the sides opened. With our experience and knowledge of marquees, we will do our best to find solutions that work for you and your guests.

You determine the timings

Whatever you are celebrating, when it is your big day, you should be able to decide the timings. A marquee gives you this luxury. There are no events which will be using the space before or after, this is your marquee for you. Just make sure you tell the neighbours if your chosen timings are rather late!

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