Party like it’s 2020 (or 2021)!

Missed a special occasion or milestone birthday in the last year?

With the various restrictions and lockdowns which have been in place across the country over the last year, many joyous occasions were sadly downgraded to the infamous “zoom” parties, or to very small gatherings. For many, we think these events were not given the party that they deserved.

It might have been a special ruby anniversary, your long-awaited 50th birthday party you had decided was the date to celebrate with your loved ones, or you were planning a family reunion to get everyone together for a must-needed catch up. Throughout most of 2020 and beyond the midpoint of 2021, many of these these occasions will have not had a celebration at all, or if they did, it is unlikely to have been the one you’d been dreaming of.

We don’t see why these momentous moments should go to waste, so what if you turned 60 last year? If the queen has two birthdays, so can you! With the pandemic now drawing to a close (cautiously), there is no better time to start planning your party. And this coming year, more than ever, we’re seeing people wanting to celebrate and have things to look forward to marked in the diary.

Not only will it be a guaranteed mood lifter for those planning the event and the invitees, it will also be a great occasion to get people together again, after so long apart.

So, how do you go about planning your post lockdown event? We’ve got some simple tips below!

Plan Ahead

We’re thrilled that large group gatherings can return in the not-so-distant future, but unfortunately as so much of the population feels the same, there is a shortage of availability for marquees and venues. This coming year, more than ever, as there is a backlog of celebrations which have been replanned, as well as the normal influx of milestone birthday and anniversary parties being arranged, not forgetting that individuals who are seeing this following year as a key moment to just get people together again. So, our advice, is look to the future and plan ahead to avoid disappointments.

Consider Those Who May Not Be Ready

With an air of uncertainty regarding the Covid-19 pandemic still looming in the ether, it is a given that not everybody is ready to throw open their doors and enter anyone else’s when the lifting of restrictions take place on 19th July. It is important to take this into consideration when planning your celebration, ensuring all your guests feel comfortable. Whether making this clear on the invitation that there are no expectations, keeping social distancing measures in place regardless of their legalities anymore, giving the marquee an extra opening for more ventilation, or opting for table service rather than a buffet. With the health and safety of our guests and staff at the heart of what we do, we have plenty of ideas, so please just ask.

Use An Event Planner

With availability of marquees, venues, caterers – in fact, most things required for hosting an event certainly not in excess in the upcoming future, having someone planning your event who has a relationship with suppliers can really help. On top of harnessing on the connections with all the companies which need to be hired, using an event planner will give you the reassurance that with their experience, the event will run smoothly and as planned. We look forward to hearing from you!

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