Second Time Around Weddings

Getting married again: Planning your second wedding

Life does not always go the way you might predict. It could be that a spouse has passed away, or simply that you’ve fallen out of love and hence the best decision is for you to part and find happiness with someone else.

Circumstances change and you might find yourself engaged for the second time. Offering a new chance of happiness, second marriages can be extremely beautiful. And with the luxury of hindsight from your first, there’s every chance that your second time around wedding will be even more special!


Here at The Great Big Event, we’ve been lucky enough to arrange many second weddings over the years, and we can vouch for the fact they have always been such positive experiences. One thing we’ve observed time and time again, is that the couple feel “freer” this second-time round. Formalities and traditions often take more of a backseat then for first-time newlyweds, and so there is more focus on what would really make a great do, versus what they think they are meant to do. When laughter, happiness and guest enjoyment are put at the forefront, you’re bound to have a successful day.

The guestlist at your second wedding might look totally different to your first. For one, you and your partner might have children from their first marriages and getting them involved in the wedding might be a priority. For younger kids, flower girls and page boys are a great option. Teenagers might want to do readings or find other duties as part of the bridal party. With young adults, if you’re close to their friends, inviting them along will bring along with it some young energy to your celebrations, or perhaps one of them can walk the bride down the aisle.  

For those families which are merging, the wedding day, it marks a special day for everyone, not just the lucky couple, and will represent the positive move for a future life together.

Regardless of what the situation is, second weddings symbolise hope. Hope that love comes again. For widowers, having gone through so much grief, it is incredible to witness the happiness of newfound love. Stories of how the couples met can be quite wonderful and it might be magical to let this feature as part of the wedding.

Every wedding, whether it is the first, second or fifth is a really special day. It is the moment that two individuals are witnessed amongst friends and family saying their vows of love to one another. Here at the Great Big Event Company, we would love to help you arrange your weddings. Get in touch by calling us on 01483 230466.

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