Themed party inspiration

Themed parties can be a whole lot of fun

After the lack of socialising in recent times, we think there’s no better time than to opt for a themed party. As well as the costumes offering up a great ice-breaker for your guests who haven’t seen each other in a long while, it will guarantee to get everyone in the party spirit - you can’t help but smile when your nearest and dearest are in fancy-dress or donning an unusual hat!

As well as the joy they bring, themed parties are a great way of piecing together all the elements of a party. With the outfits matching the venue décor, music, invitations and food, with a bit of thought and creativity, the events can be quite the showpiece! Far from a child’s themed party, when done well, they are sophisticated and glamorous.

When it comes to picking your party theme, there are countless themes which you can go for depending on your guests, the time of year and your preferences. From Christmas themed in December, to Halloween themed in November,or Midsummer Night’s Dream parties in the balmy months, it’s your party to decide.

We are a friendly and flexible personalised Surrey event planning company specialising in themed gatherings of all sizes. Whether you already have a theme in mind, or you’re looking for some ideas from us, please get in touch with us to kickstart your themed party planning today.

See some ideas below for some popular party themes:

Midsummer Night’s Dream

An all-time favourite of ours here at the Great Big Event Company, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the perfect theme for a summer event. With shades of green, hanging branches, ivy trails and twinkly lights, you guests can be transported to a whimsical, magical garden. Costumes can be as extravagant or paired back as chosen by attendees, with a simple headpiece or “Puck” fancy-dress both adding to the atmosphere.

Alice in Wonderland

The joy of Alice in Wonderland as a party theme is that there are so many characters and scenes which are instantly recognised by all – and they’re all really playful. From Alice herself, to the popular Mad Hatter Tea Party and the infamous Queen of Hearts, there is so much to go with. With playing cards, rose gardens, large mushrooms and everything within a tea party, the décor is fun.

Black and White Ball

With all your guests donning black and white and the room only in these monochrome colours, the party will look instantly stylish and sophisticated. As the LBD is a popular item in most women’s wardrobes, this one is easy theme for guests. There’s lots of choice when it comes to décor including large sheets of satin cloth, a black-and-white dance floor, white tables and chairs, as well as black and white feathers and candle sticks.

Vintage Tea Party

Is there anything more quintessentially British than Vintage Tea Parties? With vintage tea cups, bunting, summer colours, table cloths and cutesy crockery, it is a really pretty theme. The high tea can include everything you would expect: from finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, biscuits and other cakes and savoury snacks, this feast will be popular with all your guests.


The wonder of the Bollywood theme is that nothing is “too much” – the glitz and glamour can be as extravagant as you can go! With bright pinks and oranges draped across the venue, and glitter and jewels a-plenty, you can incorporate elephants and palm trees too. With all your guests wearing bright colours, the energy and vibrancy of the party will be felt throughout.

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