Top Tips for Marquee Celebrations

Here at The Great Big Event Company, we have many years experience planning marquee celebrations. Read on to discover some essential tips for hosting a remarkable marquee celebration this year.

Budget Wisely 

Carefully plan your budget to ensure a memorable celebration without overspending. 

Venue Logistics

Thoroughly assess your venue’s space, ensuring easy access, power availability, and proximity to running water. Addressing these logistical details early on ensures a seamless event.

Support Local Suppliers for a Unique Touch

We can recommend the best local suppliers!

Marquee Planning

Engage a professional marquee planner, like us at The Great Big Event – you need someone with experience to be able to help guide you in your decisions as there is much to consider.

Weather Considerations

British weather can be unpredictable, so you need to plan accordingly. We can provide valuable insights for a weather-proof celebration.

From budgeting wisely to addressing logistics, engaging local suppliers, and ensuring weather-proof celebrations, our tips ensure your event is a resounding success. Contact us, and let’s turn your milestone celebration into an unforgettable experience. Because when it comes to marquee celebrations, The Great Big Event has got you covered!

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